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Global TV Job Vacancy

globaltv was also used its generic digital on-screen graphics. It also have different form and used for its advertisements.
In the first day of the on air, the globaltv on-screen DOG was appeared next to the MTV logo. It features the first globaltv logo, which is uses a stylized "G", with the stylized "tv" on its back side, and with a slash between "tv" and "G".
Nickelodeon programming segments on globaltv was used Nickelodeon Southeast Asia graphics before mid-2006, with the introduction of new episodes. After opened its new episodes, the segment used a squarish-style with green and white boxes, orange text, and blue background. It was revamped on late-2006, when globaltv unveiled its second logo, replacing the previous one. This features a spherical "G", with the channel name at the bottom. The "G" was in colors looks like the color scheme in Nickelodeon graphics. Its ident features three goo was unified to form "G", and the flipping of the channel's name.
From August 2007 until mid-2008, the globaltv logo, among with other MNC terrestrial channel began flipping and "morphing" into the MNC print logo. On 2007, Nickelodeon segments uses a new graphic.

In 2007 also, it features the "G-bot" theme. It features a robot that shaped in "G", arranged the letters to form the name of the station piece-by-piece, and then step up, pulling the hands. The last program to use the ident was the final stage of Euro 2008.
The current logo and DOG was introduced in 2009. It features a blue-coated white sphere, with a cut in shape looks like the previous logo, and the text in lowercase. The new ident was shown. However, Nickelodeon segments no longer uses the promotion except during an advertisements.

Global TV open a new challange for young, dinamic and creative people. An opportunity for you to embark on a profession that offers unlimited possibilities and exceptional career success in an organisation that values your talents and contribution. You would have to be somebody doing interesting and exciting jobs, and in a great working environment.

Video Editor News

  • maximum age 27 years
  • experience as an editor at least 2 years
  • master the Avid software
  • fluent in English and Mandarin


  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology / Management
  • Able to perform well under pressure, honest and hard worker person


  • Male, single
  • Maximum age 27 years old
  • Fresh graduate from D3 / S1 Computer
  • Available to work in flexible time (shift)
  • Able to work in team

IT Broadcast Support Officer

  • Support and maintenance broadcast system
  • Ensure that all broadcat hardware/software platforms are well fuctioning
  • Conduct a necessary analysis of broadcast hardware/ software requirement
  • Supporting production programs


  • Familiar with windows 2000/XP/Vista/ 7 , Linux
  • Understand LAN, WAN,TCP/IP, CISCO, Router (prefer CCNA)
  • Perform troubleshooting hardware and software
  • Perform hardware and software installation


  • Booking and dealing artist for tv program


  • Male or Female
  • Maximum age 28 years old
  • Good communication
  • Good relations with artist or label
  • Antusiasm

Motion Graphics

  • Female 20 ` 25 years old
  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Bachelor`s degree of art/design/creative multimedia equivalent
  • At least 1 year of working experience in the related field is required for this position
  • Familiar in using software for motion graphics i.e. adobe after effects, cinema 4d, 3d's Max, adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator ` also be able to sketch manually.
  • Knowledge of Video / Film production are a plus
  • Good artistic layout, great motion timing, out of the box concept
  • Fresh graduates/entry level applicants are encouraged to apply
  • Musthave the ability to do multitasking, meet the deadlines and work smart bothindividually and team

Network Operation Control

  • Male, max. 28 years old
  • Min. Diploma from Electric / Computer
  • IPK > 2.75 (of 4.00)
  • SMA/SMK (High school degree) from reputable institution with excellent performance will be considered
  • Willing to work in shifting


  • Min . Bachelor Degree, any major with min. GPA 3.00
  • Required skill (s) : Computer Literate MS Office ( Word, Excell, Power Point, Visio), Policy & Procedure Planning & Making
  • Have working experience in Media industry as internal auditor will be advantaged
  • Good understanding of company's business process
  • Good writing skills of working system that easily understood by others
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

IT Technical Oracle

  • Creating reports in area of financials (AR/AP/GL), Distributions and Fixed Asset
  • Creating some forms extensions to Oracle Applications Forms
  • Interface tables and API
  • Maintenance Oracle E-Bussines Suite R11


  • Male
  • S1 Information Technology / Electroric
  • Able to configure, Oracle Reports Builder, Oracle Forms Builder, SQL PL/SQL, XML Publisher, Form Personalizations, Interface tables, API, Workflow Oracle e-Business Suite
  • 2 - 4 years experience on Customize report and form Oracle E-Business in R11 or R12

IT Broadcast Developer Officer

  • Develop & maintain software/system related to TV broadcast cycle activities, Such as BMS (Broadcast management system), news system, Inhouse TV program/quiz, runningtext, etc


  • IPK min 2.70
  • Programming Skill : Delphi/VB, ASP/PHP
  • Database Knowledge : SQL Server / Oracle

Senior Motion Graphic

  • Making all the graphic production package from scratch
  • Helping team to enhance and improve to the next level
  • Report team progress


  • Can do cinema 4D, after FX, photoshop, illustrator
  • Good artistic layout
  • good communication
  • team oriented
  • great motion timing
  • out of the box concept

Production Staff / Reporter

  • Script writer for news program (world and sport)


  • Male
  • Maximum age 30 years old
  • Excellent in English both Oral and Written, having TOEFL with min score 500
  • Excellent in translation of English into Bahasa Indonesia
  • Can work as team and under pressure


  • Equipment and quality monitoring for input/output audio video to / from Master Control


  • Male
  • Maximal age 30 years old
  • D3/S1 Majoring in Technique Electro / Engineering / Telecomunication / Computer
  • Available to work in flexible time (shift)
  • Able to work in team
  • Capable Autocad program
  • Like to watch TV


  • Operate Equipment in Video Control Room (VTR, CCCU, DVR, Computer graphic / CG) during field production and studio production both live and taping


  • Male / Female
  • Maximum age 30 years old
  • Experienced with daily office gadget (Microsoft Office, Windows or Mac etc)
  • Experienced in Adobe Photoshop
  • Entry level experienced in multimedia field

  • Setting CCU before live program
  • Supporting maintenance, logistic, and camera storage


  • Male
  • D3 / S1 Electroni / Telecommunication / Computer
  • Available to work in flexible time (shift)


  • Record and capture scene from live action and live performance both with single camera field production and multi camera video production


  • Male / Female
  • Maximum age 30 years old
  • Intermediate level
  • Can handled Analog and Digital Camcorder and other equipment in field production
  • Experienced both Analog SLR and Digital SLR camera
  • Experienced with Studio Video Camera in Multi camera production
  • Experienced with daily office Film / television school / broadcasting / multimedia]


  • Daily update all Station TV performance
  • Technical support for presentation


  • S 1 social, broadcast, communication or psychology
  • Having analytical thinking, creative thinking and attention to detail
  • Like to watch TV and can analyze content program

Marketing Service Officer

  • Male or Female
  • D3 or S1 Statistic with GPA min 2.75 from reputable university
  • Able to perform well under pressure, honest and hardworker person


  • Male or Famale
  • D3 or S1 any Major min GPA min. 2.75
  • Experience create tv program min 1 years

Creative Officer

  • Female
  • Maximum age 28 years old
  • S1 Social, broadcast, or communication
  • Having analytical thinking, creative thinking and attention to detail

If you interested please apply at folowing link (search keyword job in column):


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