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PT Jamsostek (Persero) BUMN Vacancies May 2012 for Sumatera Area


PT Jamsostek (Persero) - implementation of the social security program is one of the responsibilities and obligations of the State to provide social protection to the public economy. In accordance with the conditions of the financial capability of State, Indonesia as well as many other developing countries, develop social security programs under funded social security, social security is funded by the participants and the community is still limited to formal sector workers.

History of the formation of PT Jamsostek (Persero) experienced a long process, starting from the Law No.33/1947 jo Law No.2/1951 on workplace accidents, Regulation of the Minister of Labour (PMP) PMP No.8/1956 on No.48/1952 jo relief arrangements for the implementation of health workers, PMP No.15/1957 on the establishment of Social Workers Foundation, PMP No.5/1964 on the establishment of the Social Security Fund Foundation (YDJS), the enforcement of Law No.14/1969 on the Principles of Labor, chronologically the birth process of social insurance labor increasingly transparent.

With the implementation of more advanced, Social Security program is not only beneficial to workers and employers but also plays an active role in improving economic growth for the welfare of society and the nation's future development. 

Jobs Available at PT Jamsostek (Persero) in May 2012

We are now offering at you that have high integrity, tenacious, and competent to fill the positions :
  1. Account Officer
  2. Verifikator JPK
  3. Verifikator Jaminan
  4. Verifikator Keuangan
  5. Staf SDM & Umum
  6. Data Adminstrator
  7. Kasir
The General Requirements for All Positions :
  • Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Age as of December 31, 2012 : applicants with education background of Diploma III, not yet 25 years old; applicants with education background of Strata 1, not yet 27 years old.
  • Not married yet and willing not to married for the first year of employment.
  • Willing to follow a working bond for 2 years of work period.
  • Willing to be placed on the unit in Sumatera and the surrounding area.
  • Graduated from an accredited university with minimum GPA 2.75 (scale 4).

How to Apply ?

For you that have interested and feel qualified at all of the stated requirements above, please refer to the official announcement of the job for complete applying instructions at Jamsostek Career

Job Note : The registration period will be closed on 20 May 2012.

Each stage of selection process is using the knockout system, and only the best participants (shortlisted-candidates) to be included at a later stage.

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