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Study in The U.S.A 2012

U.S. Embassy Jakarta’s top priority in Indonesia is promoting education.  In fact, the United States and Indonesia have identified education as a key priority for both countries by including it  as one of the six goal areas under the U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership.  Over the next five years, both governments have committed to doubling the number of exchange students in each country.  Currently, 7,000 Indonesians study in the United States, and the Embassy hopes to double this number to more than 14,000.

Scholarship and Exchange Programs

The U.S. Embassy encourages Indonesian students to consider joining the thousands of other Indonesians currently studying in the USA.

The U.S. Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Section works closely with the other offices and agencies, as well as with a wide range of Indonesian public and private organizations to encourage broader understanding of the United States and its relationship with Indonesia. A fundamental tool for achieving all of our bilateral goals and promoting mutual understanding is educational exchange.

For detailed announcements about the current available offered study programs in U.S, please access the above provided link.

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